Create your blog

To create a free blog for yourself that is hosted on the WordPress site, go to their sign-up page.

Choose a name for your site (its title) and say what it will be about (you can change this later). ON the tick-box, Indicate its primary purpose (e.g. Share ideas)

Choose a name for your blog address. This will determine the URL: I suggest you choose something relatively short and descriptive. WordPress will tell you if your choice is allowed – you can’t pick a name that is already being used.

Don’t worry about the precise choice now. You can change this later on if you choose blogging as your coursework.

Select the free blog option (unless you want to pay).

Enter your email address, choose a username and password.

Choose a title and tagline (sub-title) for your blog – these will appear at the top of the page. The sub-title is optional.

Choose a theme i.e. a style for your blog. You can try out the various options. Make sure to pick one of the free ones (NB: the department will not reimburse you if you opt to buy a theme!). Use the menu on the left to customise your theme. Explore the options to get some familiarity with what is possible.

And you’re done — almost. The blog is created with a pre-written example post that you will be able to edit/delete. Before you get down to any serious writing, however, you will need to tweak the settings so that your blog is set up just the way you want it. To see how to do this go to Blog Instructions > Control your blog or click here.