Blog Instructions

Your task in this workshop is to set-up and format your blog and to create at least one post that contains words, an image and a video. Here’s how…

Get going

  1. Click again on ‘Blog Instructions’ and select ‘Create your blog’ from the drop-down menu (you may want to open it in a new tab so you can keep this ‘to do list’ in view. Follow the instructions carefully. I said carefully.

Take Control

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment…
  2. Once you have your blog created, have a look at ‘Blog Instructions’ > ‘Control your blog’ and set it up the way that you want it.
  3. As an exercise, create a couple of additional pages (e.g. an ‘About’ page where you can say who you are and what your blog is about). More ambitious students may want to try to add a drop-down menu as I have done on this site.
  4. Then write your first post. For the workshop it doesn’t have to be very long or detailed. Don’t worry too much about the quality of the content – the main aim is to learn how to use the technical tools.
  5. Include a hyperlink to at least one other interesting web-page in your post. (Look for the button with the chain link icon).
  6. Find an image to include in your post (somewhere on the internet). Save it to the computer, upload it to the media library of your blog and then incorporate it into your blogpost.
  7. Find a YouTube video and insert that into your post.
  8. Create a category for your post (see Posts > Categories or use the Quick Edit feature)
  9. Add tags to your post to identify the keywords or key ideas.
  10. Explore the formatting tools. Add different text styles (such as the ‘Get Going’ title above. Include bold and italic text. Colour some text. Create a bulleted list.

Add a block quote — useful for incorporating comments from other sources. (Hint: the button with the inverted commas).

And finally

Get someone in the class to comment on your post. Be nice. And make sure to reciprocate.

Now, how would you make and add audio…?


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